Classic meets contemporary as BRAY-LEMAIRE INTERIORS create inspired environments for their discerning clientele. Whether decorating with antiques, sleek contemporary or classic traditional elements, these livable spaces add energy and character to your home. Shape, scale, texture, color and finish combine to enliven contemporary or classic décor schemes for all design tastes. With the understanding that your sense of style is personal and evolving, BRAY-LEMAIRE INTERIORS balances modern design, understated elegance and sumptuous details that result in an effortless, state-of-the-art sophistication.

This commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled Douglas Bray and George Lemaire to establish BRAY-LEMAIRE MARKET, offering one of the most exceptional selections of fine furnishings, decorative accessories, custom furniture and upholstery and antiques for the home and garden. You may view all these varied design possibilities at the beautifully restored showroom located at historic Progresso Plaza in Fort Lauderdale or on the BRAY-LEMAIRE INTERIORS & MARKET website.

The creative expression offered by BRAY-LEMAIRE INTERIORS & MARKET affords the client new opportunities in design, decoration and merchandise. This produces a strong personal statement about the people that reside in these unique environments and allows them to live their lives with great style.